Talon Cable Cleats for Wind Energy Projects

June 2, 2015 8:30 am

Electrical cables in long vertical runs (e.g. wind turbine towers) are experiencing unusually high failure rates from cable restraint failures, product misapplication and poor installation practices.  While it is no surprise that poor installation or misapplied conduit clamps or P-clamps are damaging cables, there are also reports of cable damage from mesh cable socks, cable ties and legacy cable cleats (esp. metallic cable cleats).  Many of the failures are due to compression damage or cable slippage due to inadequate strain relief. For long-term reliable operation, cables must be securely fastened by cable restraint products that are designed and tested to provide protection from static and dynamic forces.  With... View Article

Talon® T3 Cable Cleats — Hold the Cables. Hug the Rung.®

December 8, 2014 8:30 am

Talon Products, LLC is pleased to introduce the patented Talon® T3 cable cleat .  The T3 cable cleat answers customer requests for a high-strength cable restraint system that limits cable movement and is easily mounted in ladder-type cable tray.  Charles Darnell, president of Talon Products stated, “We started with a blank canvas, then designed and manufactured a revolutionary new cable cleat with a long list of value-added performance features and impressive test results.  Our products offer more than just safety and performance – Talon® cable cleats can be trusted to maintain constant vigilance over your cables and support system.” Company Details: Talon Products manufactures... View Article

Talon Products acquires kVA Strategies

December 2, 2014 8:30 am

Talon Products, LLC, based in Hammond, Louisiana, has completed the acquisition of kVA Strategies, LLC, the leading cable cleat distributor in North America.  Charles Darnell, the president of Talon Products stated, “The combined engineering, manufacturing and sales experience provides the benefit of our many years of customer service to the energy, manufacturing, marine, mining, oil & gas, petrochemical and utility industries.” Company Details: Talon Products manufactures Talon® cable cleats in the USA.  You can trust Talon® cable cleats to maintain constant vigilance over your cables and cable support systems.  More information on Talon® cable cleats is available at and by calling us... View Article