Talon cable cleats utilize a rigid high-strength interlocking frame that simultaneously encloses the cable and a support rung.  Other unique value-added performance features and impressive test results include:

  • RIGID CONSTRUCTION — suitable for continued use after short circuits
  • LARGE CLAMPING AREA — low mechanical pressure on cables
  • GENEROUS STRAIN RELIEF — axial grip for vertical and horizontal cables



Category Classification
Color Black
Strength Class (§9.1.a) Rigid — Cable cleats intact (no deformation after lateral retention test or short circuit tests)
Material Class (§6.1.3) Composite – Nonmetallic frame and stainless steel gripping bolts
Min/ Max Temperature for Permanent Application (§6.2) -60 °C to +90 °C (-76 °F to +194 °F) — Suitable for 250 °C momentary conductor temperature
Impact Resistance at Low Temperature (§6.3.5, §9.1.b, §9.2) Very Heavy, 20 J Impact Energy @ -60 °C (-76 °F) — Performed on UV test specimens
Lateral Retention at High Temperature (§6.4.2, §9.1.c, §9.3) 17,000 N (3,822 lbf) @ +60 °C (140 °F) — Parallel or perpendicular to mounting surface
Axial Retention at High Temperature (§6.4.3, §9.1.d, §9.4) 5,000 N (1,124 lbf) @ +60 °C (140 °F) — Performed on short circuit test specimens
Resistant to Electromechanical Forces (F1) (§6.4.5, §9.1.e, §9.5) Trefoil: 154 kAPEAK (Ø33.2 mm cables) — Specimens subsequently tested for axial retention
Flat: 230 kAPEAK (s= 66 mm)
Cable cleats, cables and cable tray intact and reusable after multiple short circuit tests
Resistant to Environmental Influences (§6.5) Resistant to UV Light (§, §11.1) — Specimens subsequently tested for impact resistance
High Corrosion Resistance (§, §11.2) — Suitable for outdoor and wet locations
Resistant to Flame Propagation (§10.1) Pass – Exceeds test criteria with no flaming, no dripping and no ignition of paper
Low Smoke Emission (§10.2) Exceeds Criteria – Low smoke zero-halogen polyamide resin


  1. Section numbers refer to international standard IEC 61914:2015, Cable Cleats for Electrical Installations.