Talon® cable cleats utilize a rigid high-strength interlocking frame that simultaneously encloses cables and a support rung.  Other unique value-added performance features and impressive test results include:

  • LOW SMOKE ZERO HALOGEN — safe for personnel, sensitive electronic equipment and the environment
  • 20+ YEARS UV PROTECTION — advanced UV formulation
  • RAPID INSTALLATION — lowest total installed cost



Category Classification
Color Black
Strength Class (ISO 527-1, §3.12) Rigid — Cable cleats intact (no deformation after lateral retention test or short circuit tests)
Material Class (§6.1.3) Composite – Nonmetallic frame and austenitic stainless steel gripping bolts
Min/ Max Temperature for Permanent Application (§6.2) -60 °C to +90 °C (-76 °F to +194 °F) — Suitable for 250 °C momentary conductor temperature
Impact Resistance at Low Temperature (§6.3.5, §9.1.b, §9.2) Very Heavy, 20 J Impact Energy @ -60 °C (-76 °F) — Performed on UV test specimens
Lateral Retention at High Temperature (§6.4.2, §9.1.c, §9.3) > 17,000 N (3,822 lbf) @ +60 °C (140 °F) — Parallel or perpendicular to mounting surface
Axial Retention at High Temperature (§6.4.3, §9.1.d, §9.4) 5,000 N (1,124 lbf) @ +60 °C (140 °F) — Performed on short circuit test specimens
Resistant to Electromechanical Forces (F1) (§6.4.5, §9.1.e, §9.5) Trefoil: 154 kAPEAK (Ø33.2 mm cables) — Specimens subsequently tested for axial retention
Flat: 230 kAPEAK (s= 66 mm) — Specimens subsequently tested for axial retention
Cable cleats, cables and cable tray intact and reusable after multiple short circuit tests
Resistant to Environmental Influences (§6.5, §11) Resistant to UV Light (§11.1) — Specimens subsequently tested for impact resistance
High Corrosion Resistance (§11.2) — Suitable for outdoor and wet locations
Resistant to Flame Propagation (§10.1) Pass – Exceeds Test Criteria – No flaming; no dripping; no ignition of paper
Low Smoke Emission (§10.2) Pass – Exceeds Test Criteria – Low smoke zero-halogen resin


  1. Section numbers refer to international cable cleat standard IEC 61914:2015, Cable Cleats for Electrical Installations.