NEMA Cable Cleat Product Section

HAMMOND, LOUISIANA, USA July 13, 2021 — The National Electrical Manufacturers Association, NEMA recently announced the formation of a Cable Cleat Product Section, chaired by Charles Darnell, President of Talon Products.  The Section will develop and maintain a NEMA cable cleat standard for North America that is harmonized with the IEC cable cleat standard, and will contain appropriate deviations for North American applications.

Mr. Darnell stated, “Although NRTL’s have been testing cable cleats to UL 2239, that standard lacks any criteria for restraining vertical cables or for protecting cables that are subject to short circuit magnetic forces.  North America needs a safety standard for cable cleats and Talon Products is pleased to lead the development process.”

Company Details: Talon Products manufactures Talon® cable cleats in the USA.

Talon® cable cleats utilize a high-strength interlocking frame that simultaneously encloses cables and a cable tray rung or attaches to a structural mounting substrate or channel strut.  In addition to securing cables subject to lateral and torsional forces, Talon® cable cleats provide superior axial strain relief for vertical cables.  You can trust Talon® cable cleats to maintain constant vigilance over your cables and cable support systems.  Only Talon® cable cleats — Hold the Cables. Hug the Rung.®

More information on Talon® cable cleats is available at www.HugTheRung.