Improved Talon® Cable Cleats now fit T&B Cable Tray

HAMMOND, LOUISIANA, May 28, 2019 — When customers requested cable cleats for use on T&B cable tray, Talon Products listened. We collaborated closely with our customers’ engineers, designers and installers, as well as our distributors and manufacturer representatives to optimize the Talon® cable cleat design for use on T&B’s 1.8 in. wide cable tray rung.

The president of Talon Products, Charles A Darnell, PE stated, “This was not a trivial design modification. In addition to widening the rung channel, we improved the dynamic strength of Talon® cable cleats. Our engineers utilized FEA modeling, advanced simulations and rigorous testing before finalizing the tooling modifications. We are obviously proud of the improved Talon® cable cleat. But, we are more proud of the trust that customers place in Talon Products and our high-strength cable restraint systems.”


Company Details: Talon Products manufactures Talon® cable cleats in the USA.

Talon® cable cleats utilize interlocking frames that simultaneously enclose cables and a support rung.  In addition to securing cables subject to lateral and torsional forces, Talon® cable cleats provide axial strain relief for vertical and horizontal cables.  You can trust Talon® cable cleats to maintain constant vigilance over your cables and cable support systems.

Only Talon® cable cleats — Hold the Cables. Hug the Rung

More information on Talon® cable cleats is available at www.HugTheRung.