White Paper: Stainless Steel Thread Galling

HAMMOND, LOUISIANA, June 19, 2018 — Talon Products has published a white paper titled, Stainless Steel Thread Galling.  Charles Darnell, President of Talon Products stated, “Peter, a longstanding customer called to explain that his installation contractor experienced a problem when fastening stainless steel hardware with an impact wrench.  One of the fasteners completely seized!  We forwarded a copy of an internal company report on fastener installation to clarify and demystify the phenomenon of thread galling, which he shared with the contractor.  When he began receiving additional requests for the report, Peter suggested we publish a white paper and share it with the entire electrical construction community.  Frequently, our customers encourage us to do great things!  Thank you Peter.”  Click the following link to download this informative document: White Paper – Stainless Steel Thread Galling.

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