13. Talon Products provides electromechanical force calculations

Talon Products’ cable force calculation software greatly expands the results of electrical fault-current studies to include graphical and mathematical models of 3-phase short circuit current waveforms.  Based on the Lorentz Force Law, the program’s proprietary algorithm efficiently calculates the electromechanical forces between cables.  Within just a few seconds of entering the basic electrical parameters, the program provides a user-friendly force calculation report that includes all the necessary data to allow engineers to check and approve the results.  Customers regularly take advantage of the rapid turnaround time to evaluate different cable cleat spacing options.  The force calculation report provides the following information related to the severity of a short circuit.

  • 3-phase oscillographic current waveform plot
  • Vectorial graph of force magnitudes and directions
  • Resultant electromechanical force magnitude and timing