05. Where are cable cleats required?

Talon® cable cleats secure cables subject to lateral and torsional forces and provide axial strain relief for vertical and horizontal cables. Typical installations benefiting from Talon® cable cleats are:

  • Low, medium and high voltage, ac and dc systems
  • Single-conductor cables, including single cable and bundled cable configurations (e.g. trefoil, quad, etc.)
  • Multi-conductor cables susceptible to “through-faults”
  • Cables in extreme environments (e.g. arctic, desert, high altitude, offshore/marine, tropical, underground)
  • Cables exposed to aggressive forces (e.g. short circuits, cyclical loading, high-shock, pulse loads, seismic movement, vibration)
  • Vertical cables requiring strain relief and long straight cable runs (esp. cables in cable tray or cable racks)
  • Cables in manholes or vaults
  • Retrofit applications on unrestrained cables resulting from loose cable ties or permanently deformed non-rigid cleats/clamps
  • Any installation where an engineer or design professional must certify the cable system’s performance